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Has anyone ever started a conversation with “We need to talk?” It’s almost certain you have. Who hasn’t? But this isn’t a bad conversation. It’s just a ground covering one. Here are some facts to know about CD, the author, and about CreationDivine.

CreationDivine will use mostly the NIV version of the Bible. If a version is not listed with a Bible verse, it is safe to assume it is NIV, however, CD believes that it’s not a bad idea to reference a specific verse in a multiple versions, to understand the meaning from a different perspective. Life is all about perspective.

CD believes in non-denominational Christianity, but is open minded to those from different religions and faiths, and welcomes those who are every where from left to right and South to North on the political spectrum, anyone from any background culturally, and those who have been to Hell and back (so to speak) in life…and everything in between. God loves us all!

CD believes in ONE God, and believes that salvation comes through Him alone*. Not through good works, or a high church attendance. One God means that God is, in all his complexities, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirt.

*There will be a follow-up post about this.