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Last week I had a brilliant idea (because all ideas in my mid-20’s are brilliant ideas) to send a text message to a stranger. So I sat, blackberry in hand, and punched away at the digits. You could say I tried scientifically to pick a number. I picked area codes in which I had previously lived, and I used prefixes that I knew to be attached to cell numbers. Thanks to my blackberry, had I typed in a friend’s number, their name would have popped up on my screen. Not that I was opposed to sending that message to a friend, but the point was to send an anonymous text. The text went something like this:

“God loves you.”

And I got no response. Are you surprised? I was. So I changed it up, and asked God to show me what number to send it to. This one said something a teeny bit more profound, like this:

“God loves all of his children, and you are his child.”

Still no response. I admit I did this a few different times (ok, 10?) in a few different area codes, all with no response. I’m not sure if the messages even went to current cell phone numbers, if the readers just thought I was crazy, or that I mis-dialed. But I just wanted to send a word of encouragement to someone who might not otherwise know that God loved him or her at that very moment. Just because the person didn’t respond, doesn’t mean he didn’t like it or need it.

It’s true, God loves you. He loves me, him, her, and that guy over there. Even if you don’t love him, you don’t know him, or believe in him, he still knows everything about you. I’m not just talking about the kind of God who sits with a chalk board with a BIG line down the middle. On the left side it says “Good things/thoughts/actions,” on the left, “Bad things/thoughts/actions, SINS”.  Cue the depressing organ music! He sits and makes tick marks on each side as you go through life. NO NO NO, that’s not my God. My God knows you, knows the good intentions of your heart. Knows the hairs upon your head. Knows what makes you hurt, and what makes you stronger. He’s the only man who will never break your heart (no offense, men…). My God knows you so well, because he created you.

You are his divine creation.

His CreationDivine.

“Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” 1 John 4:8.