“Use your ring finger,” said my mom, “it’s the weakest finger. It’s more gentle on the skin.” She was teaching me how to apply an overnight moisturizing eye-cream to the thin layers of skin around my eyes. “Don’t tug at the skin and pull it. Just dab with your finger, like this.” Dab dab dab.  I was probably twelve years old at the time, and I loved Mom’s Clinique makeup bags. From her former years with the company, she knew all the tricks of the trade.

Research shows that sleeping in your makeup is detrimental to the vitality of the skin around your eyes. It’s not actually the makeup that’s detrimental, it’s that if you are sleeping in your makeup, you are not washing your face or applying an overnight eye-cream.

During my early years of college I was actually good about removing my makeup and applying an eye-cream under my makeup, and again at night. (Ok, I make myself out to sound like an angel. Yes, Mom, I stayed up very late some nights partying, and no, I didn’t wash off my makeup those nights). I  then switched to an anti-wrinkle cream and thought its application would be preventative against crow’s feet; that I was ahead of the game.

Last night I showered and stared at my bare face in the mirror. I was about to open the creaky bathroom mirror, when I saw, *GASP* the first sign of a wrinkle around the edge of my eye. A crow’s nasty talon, scraping the side of my face. The lights flickered, the ground beneath my perfectly painted toe nails shook. “I HAVE A WRINKLE!” I yelped. Had my husband been home, he probably would have thought I said “I have to tinkle!”-except that I don’t use that word. Not for myself, dogs, or babies. Or he would have said, “And?”. But how can I help my reaction to be that of utter fear and devastation that I am actually like every single other woman, and I am going to get wrinkles too. See this denial? I just said that “I am going to get…” when I need to say, “I already have…”. No. It can’t be true.

Tomorrow I think I’ll apply my eye cream in the morning, at lunch, mid-afternoon, and at bed time. I’ll let you know if this accidental wrinkle goes away.