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I had a cold. A big bad wolf kind of cold. It took me forever to pick what I needed from the OTC med aisle. Who really needs seven choices of day cold and flu medicine? I picked some store-brand as opposed to name-brand brand, and chugged a little more than the recommended dosage. I wasn’t that surprised when what I bought didn’t even work.

So I was stuck with a whistling nose. Not being able to breathe out of my right nostril was frustrating, and any time I tried, I sounded like I was trying to whistle “the sexy whistle”… only it wasn’t sexy at all.

I always get the nose whistle at the most inconvenient of times. Right before a dentist appointment, during a job interview, while on the phone with a very upset customer. Maybe everyone else just needs a dose of humor in their life, and I’m the only delivery option. I’m fine with that. Maybe next time I’ll be talking to you when it happens. If that’s the case. Please pretend you don’t notice, and I’ll return the favor.