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May I rant for just a moment or two, about those with so much time on their hands that they squiggle a heart atop the letter “i”? What about a heart at the bottom of an exclamation mark? And while I’m at it, those who draw an arrow, and fill in the little triangle? I’m too busy for that.

I wouldn’t consider myself a regular “doodler,” except for when I’m on the phone. I’m known for having to press the “repeat this menu” button (pound sign) over and over again on audio menus, because I tune out the mechanical voice, and I get busy with my pen. I scribble, I scrabble, I doodle, I diddle, I swirl and loop and cross and scratch, X and O and zig and zag. My pen cannot be stopped! I think I’m on to something here. Sometimes I complete masterpieces, without even knowing it. A modern “Starry Night” by Van Gogh, or a self portrait like that of Frida Kahlo. Don’t worry, I wax my eyebrows.

But when I need to write a serious note, a business note, a grocery shopping list, a dentist appointment, I get straight to the point. Not a stray pen mark on the page. A name, a phone number, and a little note to remind myself what the heck I was writing in the first place.

I’m a busy woman in a busy world, and I can barely muster the energy to remove my socks before bed, let alone write notes with squiggles and hearts and such.

So to the youngin’s who still write notes to each other -and who have the time to include the aforementioned hearts and exclamation marks- please pass over some of your spare time. I sure could use it.