Around Christmas we start to think of the value of gifts to give to friends, family, and loved ones. Do we give a monetary gift? An act of service? How much time or money is someone else’s happiness worth? As consumers, we find the value of a gift to be in the perception of the receiver, therefore, it’s safe to say that the “value”  of a gift is subjective.

Imagine someone unemployed or underpaid saving up what he can to buy you a beautiful scarf, or an accessory for your car, not knowing that the scarf doesn’t match your wardrobe, or you already bought yourself the same accessory. To the giver, the value was high. To the receiver, the value was lower.

We are so very fortunate that our God does not view us this way. He imagined us,  created us, and breathed life into us. His love is unconditional for us, and he sees us as beautiful, no matter what we have done. There is nothing we can do that will make him love us less; no sin, no amount of pushing him away, nothing.

Your worth is great in the sight of God.

This Christmas season, let’s focus on the sacrifice, love, and thought of gifts we both give and receive. In that, lies an incredibly valuable gift.