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Why must people/customers/companies say “Thank You” with sugar? Why must there be a pig pen trough full of cookies and pies, chocolates and butterscotch covered peanuts? How about buying an old-fashioned “Thank You” card, and writing a heartfelt note? I’m on a sugar-strike.

I got to work today with a bag of healthy snacks in tow. I ate a healthy breakfast -besides the fact that I like my coffee practically white due to the amount of creamer I like- and told myself I wouldn’t snack until lunch time.

I did pretty well this morning, though I think I was more sleepy on a Monday morning than avoiding the treat counter… but anyway, I did a good job.

At lunch I had a good balance of protein and carbs, and had an orange for some fruit. I carried my chin high and proud that I was eating healthy today.

But then I got back to work. Apparently while I was gone, SugarAholics and the anti-diabetic group stopped by, unloading their holiday dump truck. Beep…beep…beep… that’s the dump truck backing up, and the sound that’s stuck in my head.  There weren’t just chocolate chip cookies on the counter, but M&M cookies, my favorite. And not just regular M&M cookies, but chocolate dipped M&M cookies. Next to them, a yummy homemade cheese-ball, with regular (meaning it’s not low-fat) crackers to dip. Peanut butter fudge. Chocolate fudge. Raspberry bars, pumpkin cheesecake roll, etc., etc.  The torture! My blood sugar almost literally boiled over as I walked past the feeding trough toward my desk.  Thank goodness I had a full glass of water and another orange to keep me company all afternoon. I refused to go to the bathroom, fax anything, or wash my hands. I’d have to pass the feeding trough to get to any of those locations. My boss said it would get worse as the week goes on.


How do I ward off a full-on diabetic coma?
-I plan to pick out only what I really like, and to only eat one piece.
-I will constantly remind myself that ONE is not spelled t-w-o (or t-h-r-e-e).
-I will not eat something simply because it is there, or because it sounds good. No, it needs to be one of my absolute favorites for me to even go close to it.
-I will allow myself one bathroom break in the morning, and one in the afternoon. I will put on my beauty rest sleep mask (It says “Do not disturb, queen is resting) and will walk straight to the bathroom, and straight back. If someone needs me to mail something, make a copy of something, or “take a look at something,” I will tell them “NO”, that they can bring the work to me.

Otherwise, I am going to need to wear my stretchy Thanksgiving-approved yoga pants to the office, and that won’t look pretty. Fuzzy Christmas socks, cute work appropriate shoes, yoga pants… I don’t think so.

Does anyone want to wake me up when it’s Christmas? I don’t know if I’ll make it through this week. Like a round little pink piggy, I cannot resist the trough.