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Usually as I try to force myself to sleep at night I count sheep, plan my outfit for the next day, count my blessings, or say very long prayers. Last night I was trying to picture God. The enormity of God. Sometimes I imagine him in the sky, his arms grazing the tops of buildings, stretching from East to West, like a clearly defined rainbow. Sometimes he’s six feet tall, walking before me, leading me, or walking beside me, supporting me.  He also lives in my heart, and is ever-present.

As my eyelids became more and more heavy, I started to picture the Earth as small as a grain of sand, resting in the palm of God’s hand. Imagine now that the single grain of sand is the very universe we live in. 

I don’t really know the size of God. And that used to bother me. Not having a clearly defined picture of something I believe in so firmly was hard for me. Typically I like life to be abstract and not concrete, but not when it comes to my faith.

Now I’ve accepted that God is as big and as small as we can imagine, all at once. It’s the most abstract thing I’ve ever accepted. But what matters the most is that he came to the Earth as a man, and took upon himself my sins. Every single sin, gigantic, and minute. And he sacrificed his life on Earth, simply because he loves me. He loves me so much that he gave me the gift of eternal life.  This comes through accepting him as your personal savior, admitting that you are a sinner, and living a life according to his word, the bible.

Now, can you grasp the magnitude of the gift of eternal life? It’s as big as God.