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Why is it that we set resolutions (or should we dub them “unachievables”) year after year, and don’t follow through to the end? I used to make lists of short-term and long-term goals, and steps to complete each goal. I had a helpful reminder called G.P.A. It was appropriate, since I picked up the method while in college.

G stands for “Goal”. Know your goals, list them out on paper. Make sure they are attainable, instead of vague. Example of a good goal: Walk the dog X amount of days per week/month. Bad example: Walk the dog more.

P stands for “Plan”. Plan out how you will complete your goals. Make sure to list achievable, concrete steps. Instead of listing “work out more,” make an actual plan of how you will work out more, what types of work outs you will do, and any adjustments your daily schedule will need to allow time for the work outs.

A stands for “Action”. Now that you have your goals planned, it’s time to put everything into motion. Without this step, you will simply have a list of things you want to do, but may or may not complete.

Completing a G.P.A. formula will help you succeed in your goal setting. You are also more likely to complete a goal or resolution if you tell someone your ideas.

Good luck!