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A conversation with a friend led to a talk about taking the next step in her relationship with God. She wanted to change the relationship from a simple existence to an intimate two-way relationship. We decided that the bottom line is that you dictate your own relationship with God. How close, how intimate. He never moves far away.

Here I list ways to grow in your intimate eternal love with Jesus. These are not organized by importance.

1. Pray about it. Speak to God like you would a friend. Express to him your desire to grow closer to him. Ask him to help you with this desire. You with be strengthened for “checking in” with him in the beginning. He will see you through the end.

2. Sign up for daily scripture and devotional websites. My favorites are Christianity.com and Proverbs31ministries which includes  daily devotionals and blogs from Godly women like Lysa TerKeurst.

3. Download the Bible on your smartphone! Here is a link to BibleGateway. You can either do this on the web or through your apps. Then, sign up for a daily reading plan. There are such choices as reading the Bible in a certain amount of days, reading in chronological order, and more. Faith comes by hearing/reading. The more you hear your lips on Jesus’ word, the more your heart will be filled.

4. Get involved in a Bible study group. This is an instant support or prayer group for you. The more you surround yourself with Christians and those seeking God, the closer you will be to him.

5. If you are having a hard time keeping God on your mind, try something simple like placing sticky notes with reminders that say “God,” or have Bible verses on them in places you run into daily. A good start would include the bathroom mirror, your car, wallet, notebook, and your desk. God is everywhere anyway, so keep moving them around. This should be a reminder of his presence.

6. Listen to Christian or other positive music. “Garbage in, garbage out,” is the old saying. Listen to K-Love. Here’s a great way to start, just YouTube Chris Tomlin, Hillsong United, JJ Heller, David Crowder Band, and Chris August.

7. Go to church. Start looking in your local area for a church that pulls at your heart, where you can feel God’s presence, and where the Bible is preached. Don’t sign anything! And you should never feel guilty. We are all sinners, and trust me, church is the exact place we belong. If you feel you are not welcome in a church because you are shunned for being a sinner, that is not the church for you.

8. Get involved in church activities or Christian organizations such as FamilyLife.
The more you participate, the more you will get out of it. The times that you are absolutely dragging yourself to go to something, or you really do not want to attend an event, that is when you need it the most! Also, contribute a monthly donation to the Christian-based organization of your choice. You won’t miss the money, because God will bless you tenfold.

9. Serve others. Specifically ask God to help you fellowship and teach his Word. Be on the look out for those who need your help. Strangers and those who do not ask are most likely those need the fellowshipping the most. God has a tendency to guide us to fellowship in areas of our own discomfort. Humble yourself to do his work, no matter where he needs you.

10. Praise God always. Although abstract, you will eventually come to realize that God has given you what you have, and he should be praised and thanked for those things. He opens doors for us, gives us talents, loves us, provides for us and helps us prosper, and is always near, ready and waiting for you to come to him.

Is that too much work for you? Then click here for a little humor and the “quick” version.