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Do you fear doing mainstream “couple” activities alone? Like going to a bar, dining out, or going to a movie? I’ve spent plenty of time on my own, but there are still some of those things I do not like to do solo.  I promised my readers that I would try something new tonight: My husband was out of town, and I vowed to eat at restaurants he would never agree to.

This is not a hard thing, since my husband is THE most picky eater in the world. For example, he loves rice, and I can’t make rice to his liking. In my opinion, it means he should do some of the cooking, but that is not the world I live in. Fortunately I’ve found about forty of my own recipes that he likes, so I rotate through them.

So to take advantage of the time as a single (married and loyal) woman, I went to a Japanese restaurant. I had every intention of stepping into a plush-carpeted and bamboo decorated oasis, but such was not the case. I would sit at the sushi bar, and order like a Queen, my bracelets clinking as I daintily ate with chopsticks.

I suddenly snapped out of my dream and into a cramped, old and crowded L-shaped restaurant. Scanning for a place to sit, I noticed every seat was taken, and every table occupied. Thinking I’d hit the Japanese restaurant jackpot, I waited patiently for a seat. My anxiety grew as I stood against the wall. I swear  people were pointing and staring at the girl who got stood up. The girl with no date, the girl who, *gasp,* is going to eat by herself.  Thinking I would shrink out of sight by sitting in one of the orange vinyl chairs, I pretended to read a map posted on the wall. The map was of Japan. Oddly enough, I love to look at maps. But pretend as I did that I was reading this map, the truth is that I can’t read Japanese characters, so it didn’t do me much good.

Grabbing the take-out menu, I ordered my sushi to go, and watched the trainee fumble with the soy sauce and my bill. When she asked me in slightly recognizable English if I wanted chopsticks, I nodded vigorously.

I may not have succeeded at eating alone tonight, but at least I left feeling somewhat proud that I was a part of the “I can use chopsticks” club.