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It’s snowing in most of the country today, a beautiful thing to share with relatives spread far apart.

Having grown up in Colorado, I do not consider snow that exciting. In fact, I did my best to move to the warmest of desert states in order to flee from snow. Now I live on the beautiful coast by the ocean, and it is snowing.

I love states that are not well equipped to handle any snow. When I lived in the desert, the slightest inkling of snow would shut down the school system, and my government job. I laughed at the idea, and rather enjoyed the snow day. It was a relief, having practically been born in the snow.

In Colorado, I drove through awful snow storms, fish-tailed in an icy storm on Interstate 70 in the middle of the night. I trudged through feet of snow just to reach a shopping center with my mom one time. It took us an hour rather than twenty minutes. Another time, I was stuck in my house for two weeks. There was literally so much snow, hardly anyone could travel.  The city shut down.

I’m not sure how I survived growing up in the snow. Living outside of Colorado for so long now has left me weak and whiny when it comes to the flaky white stuff. I cringe when it’s below 70 degrees, and I beg God for snow days.

Today on the coast, I was completely lazy, and as unproductive as possible. I was counting on working today, so I checked off my entire to-do list this weekend.  Thank God for small blessings in life that come in the form of a beautiful snow storm, and an extra day off.