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If you are battling with an addiction, there is hope. Having an addiction may be hard to recognize, as one can be addicted to anything. Addiction, by definition, is when you use or participate in something in such an excessive amount, that you are enslaved to it.

What are you addicted to? Gambling? Drinking? Smoking? Other substances? Or is it something less easily recognizable, such as watching television, eating unhealthy food, spending frivolously, running away from your problems? No matter what your addiction is, there is help.

Jesus offers sinners spiritual (and emotional) cleansing. All who accept him as the solution for sin are on the same level – forgiven at his feet. No one is greater, nor is any sinful past unforgivable in his eyes.

Channel your addiction to God. Lay your burdens (sins) and your addiction at the cross. Leave them there; the debt has already been paid by God. May you enjoy a life that is longer, more healthy, and full of happiness.