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Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can. I want you to try something.

Tonight, when it is dark in your house, turn out the light in your bedroom. Sit on the edge of your bed with your feet on the ground, hands on your lap. Take a moment to decompress from the day and breathe deeply. (Ok, that’s not part of this exercise, but it was still probably good for you to do.)

Take your hands, and cup them together so that you can fit a marble or something else small inside your palms.

Now, think for a moment about all the darkness in which you are surrounded. Darkness is lurking within darkness surrounding you. Let me explain. You are in a dark room. In your hands, you hold more darkness. In the boxes under your bed, there’s darkness. At the bottom of the hamper, there’s darkness.

Sitting on your bed, take a lighter or match, and light it. Notice how the light floods through the darkness, wiping it out. Such a small amount of light travels so far, and erases the darkness, putting it to shame.

If a small lighter or match could put off so much light, imagine the magnitude of the light of Christ. In the presence of God, there will be no darkness in the palms of your hands cupped together. There will be no darkness under the bed, in a box, in a hamper, in a corner. There will be nothing but truth and freedom.

Surround yourself with light. The light of Christ, the word of Christ, positive relationships, positive activities. Remember, garbage in is garbage out. Positivity in is positivity out. Darkness in is darkness out. Light in is light out.

Genesis 1:4 says, “God saw that the light [he created] was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.” (NIV) We know that good and bad are opposites. God said in this verse, that “light is good,” which means that darkness is bad. The contrast between light and darkness (good and evil) is so important that it’s the fourth thing in the Bible that God tells us.

Take time the next few days, and really concentrate on how much darkness might be in your life. This is not to imply that you are evil or bad, but there are always things consuming our time and attention that do not glorify God.