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     So far I’m not doing too well at my one-word New Year’s resolution. If you read my post about my choice of a one-word resolution,  you will know I chose “love” to focus on during the year 2011.

As I mentioned, it’s not going well; I haven’t been the nicest person lately. Let me share an experience that made me feel very guilty, and mean.

I received a phone call from a local business that was doing some work for my husband and me. The gentleman who called mispronounced both of our first names, which has always been a pet-peeve of mine. I presume because my first name is mildly difficult to spell, it’s equally as difficult for some to pronounce.

When I heard my name mispronounced, I thought “There is no way this guy hasn’t heard the name ‘Caitlin’ before.” So I pridefully corrected him so he would know exactly how to pronounce our names. And then I felt like a Big. Fat. Jerk. because he replied with, “I’m sorry ma’am, I have a speech impediment and some dyslexia, please forgive me.” OHMYGOSH I’m the biggest meanie of 2011. I apologized profusely and wanted to reach through the phone to hug this stranger. It was a total foot-in-mouth moment.

In a few days, I will have to go into the business to pick up some items, and I actually hope that I’ll have the chance to apologize in person. Who knows, maybe he has already forgotten that I was so rude, but I certainly cannot.

I am determined to try harder to love. This doesn’t just go for my husband and friends, it applies to strangers and customers and the like.

I am only human, and I need God’s strength to help me with this challenge.

Lord I pray that I may love others the way you love your children. Your love is so profound, and I ask to understand it more. Help me to be humble and selfless and care for others the way they need it. I pray for your strength to help me be sensitive to people’s needs, fears, weaknesses, and disabilities, so that I do not cause them any emotional pain. Father God you are my rock and my refuge, and I praise you and give you all glory. In your sweet name, Amen.