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This isn’t a resolution list, don’t worry! I know we’re all a little tired of those by now. Instead, I’ve compiled a list of topics about which I want to write, but an entire blog post devoted to each one would drive my readers, and myself INSANE, and to sheer boredom.

1. Hang up and drive
While I have the chance to quickly squeeze in a resolution, I do intend to make 2011 the year I officially stop using my phone while driving. Really, no one’s life is less important than a dumb text message.

2. Random websites
I love www.2leep.com. I love lists, and this site is notorious for having lists of lists, and funny pages. You can view controversial advertisements, unique playgrounds, cool gizmos and gadgets and what-cha-ma-call-its. Also, check out www.dearblankpleaseblank.com. Very funny, though I have yet to submit any of my own. I’m thinking of submitting this:

“Dear plumbers who don’t wear belts, please pull up your pants; your crack is not addicting. Sincerely, those who sit and watch you fix the kitchen sink.”

3. Association of love with rain
When it rains, I’m instantly taken to the time when my husband and I were falling in love. It was Autumn in Virginia by the time we were talking of getting married. While the rain brings depression to most, it brings love to my heart.

4. Five senses, minus vision
My vision isn’t great. I was born with weaker muscles in my left eye, and now stare at computers all day long. Thanks to my blurry and slightly doubled vision, I now wear glasses. The positive side of not having good vision, is that my other four senses are very keen. I can hear almost anything across the house. I can hear the dog thinking, my husband blinking, alright, I’m exaggerating. But I am thankful for the good hearing -except at night when my husband snores.

My sense of smell is the same. If someone peels an orange in the back office, I can smell it in the front office almost instantly. I tell you what, I’m going to change my name to Super Senses Woman!

Speaking of name changes, did you hear about the British boy who legally changed his name to “Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine The Hulk And The Flash Combined”? I’m not even kidding. Click here to read the full story. I’m a little perturbed that he didn’t use punctuation in his name.

My new name is going to be Super Senses Woman Who Loves Dogs And Loves Cooking And Is Really Tall.

5. Maps entertain me
Hand me an Atlas, and I will stare and stare at it. I love maps and geography. I’ve traveled to three other countries, and to more than half of the United States, and each time I go somewhere, I stare at the map first. It’s a little obsessive.

6. Generation gap
I’m looking forward to the day that I can look back and laugh at myself. I’m far too cool for this to be any time soon, but someday I will. I’ll point to pictures and laugh at my clothing choices, how my TV set looked, and I’ll laugh that I was so crazed about having a Blackberry (which will be ancient technology by that point). We already look back on the American life fifty years ago saying, “Life was so simple then”. It feels complex in 2011, but I’m sure in fifty more years, we’ll be deja vu-ing.

7. The man in the light pole (Yes, I said “in”)
I used to think there were little men in the traffic-light poles, and they were the ones who controlled the traffic signals. I was amazed that their bodies had to be so itty bitty to fit -let alone move around- inside the poles. I was also so thankful that little people were given jobs, so they could maintain their place in society. Ahhh the sweetness of a childish mind. Well, that was last week, and yesterday my mom told me that there’s no way a person can fit into a light pole. I was heartbroken. All these years, I’d been betrayed.

8. Good with names
If we’ve met once, chances are I remember your name. I can remember first and last names, weird, names, and spellings. This is extremely helpful in the business world, since it would be awkward to say (after working somewhere for two years) “What is your name, again?” With a little mind-training, anyone can learn to remember names. Dale Carnegie said that learning someone’s name is the fastest way to make an acquaintance/friend.

9. Asics vs. Nike
It had been too long since I bought running shoes. I went to the shoe store and went for the cutest shoes I found. They were Nike, and pure awesomeness. Check them out here. They are perfect, since I like to spend money (get it?). Slightly tacky, but totally bomb at the same time. I laced them up, and walked around the store. My feet didn’t feel that great, but I was used to buying Nike’s, so my feet were conditioned to like them. The sales woman approached, and twisted my arm to get me to try on Asics. When I did, it felt as though I were walking on a pillow-top mattress! Learn about your foot shape here. The Nike’s I tried on were supposed to fit any foot shape, although those with flat feet and high arches need radically different shoes. The Asics are perfect, because they are made for specific foot shapes, and actually support your feet, ankles, and knees, as opposed to just looking pretty. Here’s the shoe I bought. I’ll never buy another pair of Nike’s again.

10. Price to be paid
There’s a price to be paid for everything. Whether it’s an actual payment, a “lesson”, or karma, what goes around comes around. I believe it.