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     “Oh, look, they have cherry bubble gum,” I said to my husband, as I stared wide-eyed at all of the gum selections. Thought I’m not particularly fond of cherry flavored anything, I was up against a deadline, and I was  a bit giddy and overwhelmed. A true kid in a candy shop. The deadline was my husband rushing me out of the gas station, and I was overwhelmed because it was the first time I would get to chew gum since some extensive dental work.

Image by Collective Disclosure

“Ok, well grab it if you want it, but let’s go,” he said. My hand hovered over the “Sweet & Sassy Cherry” (I just liked the word “sassy”) and over the watermelon flavored pack. Cherry, watermelon, cherry, watermelon, cherry, watermelon. I grabbed both, and scurried over to the cash register.

In the car, I stared down at the two packs in my lap, wondering why I had picked the cherry one. My husband has a cherry scented car air freshener, that I think stinks something awful. He’s a fantastic driver, but I would get headaches and dry heaves from the scent alone. We’d be driving along, “jamming out” (as he calls it) to the music, while I wretched and loudly dry heaved in the passenger seat. No thanks. That’s not attractive.

With high hopes, I carefully unwrapped a piece of the bright red  cherry gum, making sure no paper wrapping made it into my mouth.

I chewed slowly at first, anticipating the flavor rush into my saliva glands. I could easily taste the “sweet” portion of the “Sweet & Sassy,” but I think the sassiest ingredient they added was cough syrup. It straight up tasted like I drank an entire bottle of the stuff. It was only good because I woke up that morning with a little bit of a sore throat. Problem solved!

I spent the rest of the day looking for someone who I could pawn off the cherry pack to. I really don’t even like bubble gum all that much.


Image from chapmancatalyst.wordpress.com