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Periodically I rid my purse of the junk and trash I somehow  always seem to accumulate. When I do this, I also clear out my wallet and search the bottom of my purse for any spare change.

It was almost laundry day, and I was digging in my purse for quarters, thinking of ways to keep God centralized in my life. It was then that I noticed something so unimportant, so normal, that I almost didn’t notice it at all. A penny. Pennies are everywhere. There are pennies in my purse, my couch, the laundry basket, on the ground, and even in the “need a penny, take a penny” jar at gas stations. How many times have I stepped over pennies, and not given them a second thought? Until I spotted the penny in my purse, I thought that the value of one penny is simply one cent.

But that day, I realized the value of one penny to be far greater than just the monetary value. On each penny is stamped the same thing: “In God we trust.”

Psalm 62:8 says to “Trust in him (God) at all times, pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.” (NIV)

Every time you see a penny, let it be a reminder to you that God is your safe place. He is your refuge, and in him should you place your trust. He is waiting with open arms for you.