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This is a topic I planned to write about a while ago. It was recently featured on the post-a-day blog by WordPress, and I later saw a prompt for the topic on the NaBloPoMo site. It’s been nagging at me ever since.

If I could pick any super power, what would it be? Maybe I would want to read people’s minds. Freeze time? Turn anything I see into money or chocolate? What about if I had the ability to stretch like Mrs. Incredible, so I could pick up a glass of water in the kitchen, while I sat lazily on the couch?

None of the above. My super power of choice would be instant time travel. Since I was little, I wanted this super power, but in 2006 I picked up a random book at a used book store called The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. At that time, it was an unkown story, and nowhere near becoming a major motion picture. I simply loved the book, the author’s creativity, and writing style. That very same copy has made many moves with me ever since, and I believe even more firmly that I want to instant time travel.

Here’s how it would go if I could instant time travel:

The very first place I would go would be to the Western U.S. to visit family. Although I’ve qualified for a free airline ticket with Southwest airlines, I’d get there faster (and for free) with my super power.

Unlike the book, when I travel, I want to be able to take things with me. I don’t think I’d much like to wind up naked and empty-handed in the middle of the street, a festival, or a shopping mall. It’s just not my style.

Instead, I would take gifts to the elderly, clean drinking water to orphans and starved human beings in other countries, and food to the poor in poverty-stricken inner cities.

I would also be able to take people with me, such as my husband. We really would be able to travel the world. We would hold hands, wiggle our noses, think magic thoughts, and *poof,* we’d arrive. England, Australia, Hawaii, and France would be at the top of my list.

This super power would also come in handy during the morning and afternoon commutes to work. Imagine that I worked at the same company as my neighbor. On Monday morning, we both leave our front porch at the same time, but as he sits in hours of traffic, I get ahead on my work, and score a well-deserved promotion.

Think of all the places I could go in a week! I could spend weekends in New York City, evenings on the coast of California, Wednesdays with the in-laws, Thursdays shoe shopping in Italy.

Assuming I could get back, I would also be interested in time-traveling. I would visit the 1940’s to watch my grandparents fall in love.  I would visit the simple life of the 1950’s. I might even visit my parents in the 80’s to overhear the conversation “I think we should try for another baby (me)…” but I would ska-daddle LONG before they put that plan into action. 

Then I would go back so far in time, that I would be the first inhabitant of Hawaii, and I would make myself a hammock, and melt into the memory of the sand.