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I decided to start a mini-series in my blog. Every Monday I will post about the things I’m grateful to, looking forward to, needing to do, wanting to do, or refusing to do. I don’t want to list too many rules right now, allowing for some wiggle room down the road. So let’s begin. It’s Monday, February 14th, 2011.

Hello, Monday:

Hello lover, happy Valentine’s day. Start the morning off with a kiss!

Hello letting the dog outside, and giving her extra pats on the head.

Hello breathing in the fresh crisp air outside, and

Hello sunshine, thank you Lord, for the sun and for your son.

Hello WordPress and

Hello spending hours perusing blogs.

Hello mundane doctor’s appointment.

Hello clearing out the house to allow for some new furniture.

Hello Goodwill, as I donate some things to you.

Hello cooking a nice dinner for my love, and sharing a bottle of champagne.

Hello laughter

Hello love

Goodnight, love.