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I love writing. I love literature, I love languages, and I love the creativity involved in all of the above. I strongly dislike math and science, and any other left-brained activity.

What I like best about writing is that it’s so much in the “gray” area of my life, that I can write about any topic, I can change my opinion about something, and there is no right or wrong answer.

Some people flourish with strategic and logical activities and subjects, while some flourish with creative activities and subjects. I flourish with the latter.

Yes, I suppose since there are rules of grammar, spelling, and style, one could argue that there is still strategy involved with writing. I follow the AP Stylebook rulebook to a “t,” so much that I call it my “writing bible.”

I used to write only poetry, and thought I’d never move on from it. Now, I dabble in memoir, and don’t think I’d enjoy going back to poetry. I may share some of my poetry, if there’s ever an interest.

I’ve grown up from poetry, and I’m pretty much going to give it to you the way it is, no BS’ing anymore. Memoirs are straightforward, even while dancing in the gray areas of life.

Writing is my life. Writing is my calm, my anti-drug, and yet, it is my drug.

What is it that you live for? What is your joy?