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Fresh flowers at my desk!

My darling husband bought me the most beautiful flowers for Valentine’s day, and I brought some of the simpler flowers to work with me. I didn’t want to bring them to brag, I just wanted something alive at my desk, something to remind me to breathe when work gets stressful (and that I am loved).

The idea caught on so well, that a coworker asked to borrow a few flowers for her desk. I gladly shared. She, too, said it made it a little easier to work with something bright and positive to look at.

Even after another a night of not sleeping, I feel refreshed today by seeing something living at my desk. I think I’ll buy myself a plant for the workplace, but I promise it will not be potted in one of the red party cups shown in the picture.

What is the one thing in your home/workplace that refreshes you?