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Here’s how my Monday really went:

Hello, snooze button.

Hello, again, snooze button.

Hello, coffee.

Hello, I opted for more sleep rather than cute hair.

Hello, coworker making popcorn at 9 AM.

Hello, fresh air from the window to air out the popcorn smell.

Hello, finding out I received a bill by mistake, and had a zero balance!

Hello making appointments, and crossing things off the to-do list.

Hello, new closet door and hallway light installed.

Hello, phone calls to Mom, the insurance company, and the pharmacy.

Hello, cleaning out my husband’s car to surprise him.

Hello, God turning $18 into $50!

Hello, laundry.

Hello, reading and relaxing.

Hello, bed.

Hello, my Monday didn’t go quite according to plan.

I think I should start writing “Goodbye, Monday,” instead.