This Monday is not deserving of an exclamation mark. I wanted to say goodbye to this Monday before it even rolled around, but instead, I will focus on the (mostly) positives of the day.

Hello, Monday, hello jam-packed schedule for today, and the days ahead.

Hello, trying to make an appointment with a company that owes me money. (Hello, headache throughout the process.)

Hello, healthy food. Here’s to starting the week off right.
(Hello, not feeling pressure to eat anything because of anyone else.)

Hello, learning and applying Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University lessons. Hello, starting a debt-free journey.

Hello, freshly painted nails, and a sassy colored lipstick!

Hello, trying to help a local family in need.

Hello, big comfortable new couch, and some reading time.

Hello, “Are you there, Vodka? It’s me, Chelsea” and hello, finishing the book.

Hello, countdown to our move, but hello, reality that some of our friends will soon be moving across the country.

Hello, spending as much time with those friends as possible.

Hello, home,

Hello, bed, I’ve missed you today.

Goodnight, world.