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God is wonderful, God is great!

Recently my husband and I started the Dave Ramsey “Financial Peace University” through our church. It’s tough, because there’s a balance of awkwardly saying “We haven’t made the best of financial decisions before,” and of being proud that we are getting on the right track, regardless of the past.

Day one of class directs us to earn/save a quick amount of money to put aside for an emergency fund. The idea is that while we pay down our debt and rearrange our budget, we might need to pull from this emergency fund. In the past, my husband and I would easily swipe a credit card in the event of an “emergency,” even if that “emergency” meant that we were hungry for pizza right before pay day. I look forward to changing my way of thinking.

Day two of being in the class, I scrounged around the house to find as much money as I could to put into the savings account.

If you’re interested in robbing us, I’d suggest you not waste your time. The cost of gas money to drive over to my house would be far more than what you would leave with. Even if you live around the corner! I found one dollar in change.

Discouraged, I thought I could clean out the car to score some extra change. On the way to the car, I grabbed my shoes, and saw an envelope sitting in our mud-room. In the envelope was $18. Once my shoes were on, I checked the mail. In it, a check for $20 from a family member. Coming back from the mailbox, I unlocked my car. Tucked between the seats was a crinkled $10 bill. God put the money there. You might shake your head in disbelief, but I promise, neither my husband or I ever carry cash.

So far I was up to $48, and was quite pleased, and so thankful to God for multiplying our funds in our measly savings account. I tucked the cash into a deposit envelope, and went inside to grab a pen. There inside a drawer in which I had already looked, next to my pen, were two dollars. They were there the whole time,  waiting to be found.

I lifted my face to the Lord and thanked him for miraculously turning what I thought would be only one dollar from our home, into $50 (not counting the change).

Every Sunday at church, we recite an offering declaration as the offering buckets are passed around. I credit the love of God and my faith in the offering declaration for my experience that day.

Here is a shortened version of the declaration:

As we receive today’s offering we are believing the Lord for:
Jobs and better jobs
Raises and bonuses
Benefits, sales and commissions
Partnerships and opportunities
Favorable settlements
Estates and inheritances
Interests and income
Rebates and returns
Checks in the mail
Gifts and surprises
Finding money
Debt cancellation
Decreased expenses
Blessings and increase.


I believe that with God, nothing is impossible.
Blessings to all,