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Meet Plinko.


Plinko has been in the family for years. He is a pink hippo, and belongs to my sister. For the longest time, my sister called him a “her” (simply because of his pink complexion) but I had to correct her that he is, in fact, a “him”. Pink + hippo = the name Pinko, but we thought Plinko was a more appropriate name. Plus, we get an extra giggle when we think of Bob Barker, and “The Price is Right.”

Meet Twigs


Well, you can’t meet Twigs, because he was absent on picture day. Probably hung over, as he’s a bit of a lush.

Twigs is a giraffe and belongs to me. He’s also been in the family for a long time; so long that I can’t tell you exactly where he came from.

Plinko and Twigs are tokens of love. When I lived at home, Mom would hide Twigs in my sports bag, or on my pillow when I got home from school. I graduated from high school and he traveled in care packages to me at college. If I was home visiting for a weekend, I’d leave Twigs there, hidden in Mom’s box of favorite cereal. She’d find him the next morning, and call me to tell me. I loved waiting for those calls.

In 2011 Twigs is quite well-traveled. He’s been to the Atlantic Ocean, started his own business, and has even gone to church.

Plinko was with my sister when she bought her first car, and even helped her bake a blueberry pie for Dad’s 60th birthday. He arrived at my house on the East Coast in December 2011 (in a Christmas package), and is completely over-staying his welcome. Every night I have to pull out the sofa-bed, tuck him in, and read him a bedtime story. Sometimes in the middle of the night, he wakes me up with his hippo noises (which includes some squeaking and some grunting), and makes me bring him some warm milk. As if that weren’t enough, he makes me hold the straw to his mouth while he sips.

He keeps saying he’ll find work soon, but I think it’s just an excuse to stay with Auntie Caitlin.

Here is their most recent adventure:

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to Target we go!

Last Monday was “Take Plinko and Twigs along” day. They behaved extremely well like hooligans. They stayed put and were quiet at first, but soon after arriving at Target, they jumped out of the cart and ran off. I found them by honing in on Plinko’s special hippo noises. There they were, munching away on a bag of suckers.

“Sorry, Caitlin. We only left you the gross kinds.”

Such scavengers!

Twigs fell asleep quickly after his sugar-high crash-landed. Plinko on the other hand… well… Plinko wasn’t feeling so well. A hippo’s diet does not really consist of sugar and Tootsie Pops, so Plinko got sick:

Not his finest moment. Plinko puking.

Ewww! What a mess I had to clean up! Poor Plinko rested for the remaining hours, and slept like a baby hippo that night.

My sister’s half birthday is today. I think I’ll send her a half-birthday package, and hide him cleverly inside. He’s so whiny sometimes. He claims the salt in the ocean out here is what makes his skin look a little pink.

I think he’s full of it.