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Hello, Monday!

Hello, God, I will need you in order to get through today.
Hello, strong, encouraging friends who support me in the time of need (and all the time!).

Hello, there’s no time for the snooze button today. Up and at ’em!

Hello, healthy breakfast, including fresh blueberries.

Hello, writing the rent check for the LAST TIME at this house!
Hello, internet gets shut off today.
Hello, remembering to return internet stuff to the local office (wherever it is…)
Hello, worrying about not being able to write for the next few days (week?).
Hello, to the stress that comes with moving.
Hello, deep breaths, and fresh air to soothe my nerves.

Hello, warm spring weather,
(wave) hello, beach.

Hello, Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, and hello, financial freedom!
Hello, working on building our savings account, and
hello, feeling accomplished!

This will be a great Monday. I am in control of my actions and attitudes, and will face the world with positivity today.

Blessings, world.