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As you may have noticed, there’s something different about this blog.

I decided to import all of the posts from http://www.creationdivine.wordpress.com to this blog. Soon I might not even own creationdivine; I haven’t yet made that decision.

The idea when I originally started blogging with WordPress was to have a blog based around my walk with God, and one about the regular, every day things I experience. After a few months, those two things went hand-in-hand so much that I was having trouble separating them. I’m pleased with this fact, and not ashamed. God is the biggest thing in my life. He’s the most important person, yes, even more than my husband. Because of God, our marriage works. It was God who brought us together in the first place. Never in a million years would I have met my husband, if it weren’t for God shifting things around and having a plan for me.

The reason why I originally made the two blogs was actually for you, my readers. I was trying to be sensitive to the fact that some of you do not believe in or follow God, or that we have different opinions of “God,” religion, and faith. I was afraid that I wouldn’t have as many readers if I only had the one blog, instead of two.

I got some lovely advice from a fellow blogger, who said “Your readers know if they are going to continue reading your posts by the time they read the title/first paragraph, so why worry about who’s reading what?”. I concur.

I was so caught up on wanting more readers, more readers, more readers, and since faith is a touchy subject, I didn’t want to lose readers or offend anyone. Let’s face it, out of the many blogs I subscribe to, I do not read every single post by every single blogger, therefore, I shouldn’t (and won’t) be offended if not everyone reads every single one of my posts (though I’d like to continue living in denial of this fact).

So I made the big leap by merging the two blogs into one. I feel so liberated. It’s like I had two personalities (some of you might actually believe this…) and combined them. I played the two-face game for a LONG time growing up while I was forced to attend a church I didn’t believe in, and forced to fit into a mold that wasn’t made for me. The two-face game is exhausting, and I’m incredibly over it, and confident with exactly who I am today.

If you decide not to read a faith-based post of mine, that’s fine. I’ve accepted that fact. Just make sure you come back to visit, because there will still be stuff to entertain you, just as I’ve done before with CollectiveDisclosure.

Blessings to all, and thank you for reading.