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Continuing on the Dave Ramsey journey, I’m realizing that most of this money management shmoney shmanageshment is about changing my thinking so I can then change my behavior.

Husband and I are determined to change our habits, but first the new thought process must be intact. Otherwise, money flies out of our wallets like loose bills in a convertible speeding down the freeway. The only people getting paid that way are the faux beggars who buy each other shots and lines of cocaine all night to celebrate, leaving me to wonder where our dough went.

Since we’ve started the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University course, – we’re pals now, so I refer to him on my calendar as “DR” – God has blessed us with so many things.  I truly believe when you are faithful to a higher power, blessings will come so quickly that you can hardly pray thanks for one, before another one hits you. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think that the faithful and good people “earn” blessings, per se. We have a loving God, regardless of human behavior.

It’s all about perspective.

A blessing is the sun shining on a chilly morning when I forgot my coat at home.

A blessing is an opportunity to help someone.

A blessing is praying for someone in need.

A blessing is something positive happening, with no sorrow added to it.

Husband and I got a blessing the other day in the form of a check. It was time for an oil change, and some regular maintenance on the car. For too many thousands of miles we played the “if it runs, it doesn’t need maintenance” game. Fortunately, the money came, and the game ended. We are working on saving money in other areas, and had neglected the car, but were just discussing days prior, “How on earth will we pay for the maintenance that we currently need done…?” when the check arrived (for almost the exact amount, nonetheless).

God is good, all the time. We are blessed because he loves us and died for us. I am so thankful for a loving God who blesses me even when I’m imperfect, when I’m resentful or judgemental.

Thank you, loving Jesus, for your sacrifice and my eternal life. Thank you for loving me, even when I am a sinner and have faults. Through you I find my strength, for you are my rock and my salvation. I praise you in the storm, and understand that there must be storms in life, to be able to recognize the sun rising. Blessings come in all sizes, and I thank you for each one. In your loving and amazing name, amen.