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This week I took an online test to determine which spiritual gifts I’ve been given. You can access the test here, but please read on.

Jesus has given each of his children gifts to help carry out his work. Some of us are given gifts in teaching, others in listening. Some are given the gift of faith, others knowledge, or intercession, or healing.

You probably already have an idea of what your gifts are from God. You might already be believing and behaving in ways that align with some of the gifts you’ve been given. It would be best to pray and ask God to make you in tune with God so that you may learn of your gifts, and that you may be open to opportunities that come solely from God.

Pray for the ability to act in ways that bring praise and glory to God alone, that his will be done, and not our own. Speak in faith and thank God for things that he will do for you at a future time. Faith comes from hearing, and is put into action by speaking. Expect blessings. Do not just hope and wish. Expect, and they will come!

Alright. Now it’s time to take the test. There are actually two tests. One is for those of you who have been Christian for at least a few years, and have some knowledge of the church. The other test is for newer Christians, or younger Christians.

I’ve printed my results out and have them in my purse. Soon they will make it to my bible. A friend suggested I wouldn’t be surprised by the outcome of the test, but she was mistaken. The strongest spiritual gift I’ve been given came as a surprise to me. Reading my results powered my faith. It was a two-way blessing.

Praying over you, that you may use your spiritual gifts from God to complete his will, and harvest the field.

To God be the glory.