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How can it possibly be Monday already? I just left work and it still seems like 5 p.m. on Friday. This weekend was nothing but busy, so much so that my husband and I saw each other as much as whispers passing in the night.

Hello, new perspective on finances.
Hello, answered prayers.
Hello, seeking a closer relationship with God.

Hello, mundane tasks such as going to Target, buying manila envelopes,
and hello, stressful tasks such as mailing tax returns.

Hello, when I need a moment to relax, instead of grabbing a Twix, I’ll look at funny pictures of my dog. That always brings a smile to my face. I even decided to share, so you can laugh, too.

This floor is captivating.

I put myself in timeout.

I wish I had an explanation for these two pictures, but I do not. Maybe she was hiding her identity from the camera… maybe she sees ghosts. Maybe she did a little too much of you know what in the 60’s. This is the every-day life of my dog.  My dog barked today. That’s no biggie for you dog owners (or those of you who have neighboring dogs that never shut up…) but my dog hasn’t barked in a good eight months or more.

Hello, silly dog. You bring joy to my life.

Hope you laughed.  Have a great Monday! Your attitude determines what type of day you will have.