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As I sat in my weekly financial class, someone started talking about how to easily keep track of your accounts with mint.com, and someone else piped up saying, “there’s an app for that…” (who coined that phrase? I want my name on it!). Then someone else, of course, asked if the app was for the Droid, or the iPhone, which made me think, “Heyyyyy, what about me, and the lonely, left-out BlackBerry?”

Turns out, mint.com has an app for both the Droid and the iPhone, but not the out-dated BlackBerry consumer like me. That stinks.

It’s not like there are only two phone choices: the Droid or the iPhone… or are there?

So, as I save up for a new phone and hint like crazy to my husband, I need to know which phone is preferred. For the record, I’m leaning toward the Droid.

Let’s take a poll. (Disclaimer: this is my out-dated-consumer attempt at being hip and cool by using PollDaddy. Don’t hold it against me if it doesn’t work!)