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There’s a clock radio at my work desk, tuned into my local K-Love radio station. I don’t ever move the dial and I enjoy keeping K-Love on throughout the day to uplift my soul and my spirit.

In our new house, our computer room is downstairs, leaving  no music source upstairs. I’m a big proponent of having music on while I get ready, put away laundry, organize the closet, etc.

I searched on a local yard-sale website for anyone giving away a free clock radio, but only had one offer- the person didn’t drive and invited me to his/her home to pick it up-…um…no….

Last night I was shopping and found a nice clock radio on sale! I used my “mad money” spending card (on our budget, my husband and I allow ourselves a very small amount of free spending/no questions asked money) and the price of the radio was six dollars. Woohoo!

I got home and plugged in the radio, anticipating streaming K-Love through the upstairs of my house. When I turned on the radio, it was on a Christian station I didn’t recognize (probably because I only listen to K-Love or my iPod). I’ll be darned, I could not find K-Love on the radio. My signal at work is rather weak, so I knew that the one at home could be similar.

I said out loud “God wants me to listen to K-Love more than the enemy does. I have power over the enemy. God, show me K-Love right now,” and he did. He answered that prayer immediately. I heard the recognizable “Positive, encouraging, K-Love” signature tune faintly, exactly where my dial was. The signal was weak, and as soon as I turned the dial, I couldn’t find K-Love again. I tuned back into the other Christian station, and felt satisfied that God wanted me to keep the radio right there. The radio was, after all, already tuned to it when I bought it.

What I discovered is that the other station is American Family Radio, and is more of a talk-radio station. I think God wants me to learn the bible stories better, and learn of Jesus Christ as a person, a man, and his earthly life. I can learn the word at church and from American Family Radio, and then I can praise the Lord by listening to K-Love in my car and at work. It gives me the full spectrum.

God was bossy, but he has my best interest in mind.

Have a blessed day.