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It’s October 30th, and I’m strolling down the aisles of CVS, waiting for a prescription to be filled. I look down, and… WHAT? ORANGE PUMPKIN PEEPS? No way.

Christmas came (as it always does… even though it seems like it always sneaks up on the budget) and I noticed GREEN TREE PEEPS. Disgusting. Peeps belong to Easter.

Apparently one of the PEEPS has a lazy eye...

Peeps should be one color: yellow. They should come in two forms. Chicks and bunnies. I prefer the chicks.

It’s almost April, and I celebrated early by buying myself one small package of yellow chicks, and ate them in a matter of five minutes. The sugar high was lovely! The crash, however, was not.

I only buy one package a year to celebrate the season, and usually enjoy heating them up in the microwave more than eating them. Try it. Here’s the recipe:

1 Peep
1 paper plate
1 microwave
20 seconds…
Watch closely…

Happy Spring!