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Hi, Monday, I’ve missed you. No really, I have.

Why?  Because it was a longggg weekend. I hardly ever say that, but I’m actually relieved for Monday, so life can calm down a little bit.

Hello, familia. Abuela flies in tomorrow, so I might be kicked out of the kitchen for a while. On the other hand, I’m looking forward to learning a few new recipes.

Hello, future! I have a new outlook, and I’m gaining speed with changing some necessary things in life.

Hello, true friends. I’m realizing that my husband is right when he says “There are five fingers on one hand; one for as many friends as someone needs.” I am thankful for my friends, and thankful I had some time to visit with one of them yesterday.

Hello, Spring! It’s supposed to be 80 degrees today. I love hot temperatures. How can I not be in a good mood today?

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Hello, new book. A friend generously gave me a Barnes and  Noble gift card for no reason. How sweet! I got this book with the gift card, and cannot wait to read. I searched and searched for the right book, and feel that this one is “right” in my life right now.

Right now I have plenty of new books to read, but not enough time. Hello, making time to read!

Hope you all have a blessed and sunny Monday. Try to think of three things you are thankful for today, and if you get discouraged, think back on those things to lift your mood.
God bless you,