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They aren’t really my words; they’re my pastor’s, but they’re good enough to repeat.
“You’re custom-made for a need in this world.” Thank you Jesus, for making me, ME. For creating a path just for me, and helping me along the way. How do we find that path?

I’m thankful for GPS, especially God’s GPS. I’ve gone down the road before without any GPS, let alone God’s. It’s a dark road, full of cliffs and drop offs, hills, and valleys, and numerous car-trembling pot holes, pedestrians, ice, hail, and any other driver’s nightmare.

Tuning in with God’s GPS is a joy of mine. Listening to him guide me, as opposed to being the natural (wo)man I am who is usually very bossy. GPS says go right, right now? Natural (wo)man usually says, “I think we need to turn left in 400 more feet.”

GPS says to slow down, and gently switch lanes, and the natural (wo)man has her head either in the clouds, on her phone, or somewhere else, misses the lane change, and barrels through “Caution” tape, slamming on the brakes, before the car topples into a pit created by a sunken piece of road.

There have been opportunities in my life when I clearly had a choice to make. A or B. A was God’s plan, B was the natural (wo)man’s plan.

Sometimes, I admit, I followed my own plan. That’s when the road was dark and bumpy. There are also a number of times when I chose plan A. For instance, trusting God when he said, “Marry this man…” and I said, “Already? Are you sure?” Another time would be trusting God to take care of us with the recent scares of government failure, with my husband’s career and medical choices, and with my health.

Sync with God’s GPS.
The natural (wo)man’s GPS is often in the wrong state or country, and the battery dies when it’s needed the most. God’s GPS is the way to go. After all, he custom-made you, and knows exactly where you are going.