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I’ve been MIA to my readers, I apologize. After Abuela left, I started deep cleaning the house this weekend. It was cloudy and gray out, and the wind was thick and forceful.

The rain came and went, and came again. Harder. Faster. Stronger. Longer.
The warnings on the radio never said there would be a tornado in our county, and then the power went out, and the wind and rain concoction was so thick, it was actually white, flying horizontally in strips across the back yard.

My husband shooshed me and said, “That doesn’t sound like normal rain…”
and we sat on the couch, unable to pull up a wireless connection on our phones.

I turned my phone off to save battery power, and when I turned it on again I had multiple messages from friends across town asking if we were ok. Turns out, a tornado touched down in our neighborhood. We are less than a quarter-mile away from some damage, and half a mile away from the major damage. We are so fortunate that our street was missed, but since this is so close to home, literally and figuratively, we are praying hard for those in need.

This morning I traveled around the neighborhood to see the damage. The news reports keep changing, but roughly ten houses were demolished. 40 damaged severely, 40-60 others damaged mildly. Other parts of town weren’t so fortunate.

This picture speaks volumes about the power of a tornado, and the power of God.
Our God is not a mean, wrathful God. He did not cause this Tornado to punish anyone. It’s simply something that was allowed because it’s a part of nature.

It’s an example to me of the fact that you might be twisted and turned and bent over backwards, but God will not break you. He will put you through the storm, and test you to see if you still praise him in it.

Twisted under the force of a Tornado

Here are a few others. Imagine my curiosity and my obsession with this, since this was my first tornado.

This is a humble reminder that the only thing that matters in life is God, and second to that, your relationships with those whom you love. “Stuff” can, and will, always be replaced.

God bless those families in need, who lost loved ones, and who have a long way to go to rebuild.