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I’ve blow-dried my hair many many mornings (most, in fact) and not had a single mishap. This morning was different. During my normal blow-drying routine, I burned off a chunk of my hair. It’s not huge, but I noticed it…

I don’t know exactly how it happened, but I think I got distracted looking at a stretch mark (even though I’ve recently lost ten pounds, woohoo!) and then I felt a singe, and smelled that infamous burned-to-a-crisp-hair smell. Pee-yew.

But I put my best face forward. Ignoring the chunks I pulled out of my head -did I mention I just got a hair trim last night, and my hair lady did a FAB job?- I slathered on some lip gloss, slipped on my clothes, and was out the door.

After the recent surprise tornado ripped through my neighborhood, burned hair doesn’t matter.

Thanks to friends who encourage and lift me up, I’ve realized that I am successful, capable, strong, and a few fly-away hairs won’t even be noticed. I can do anything I put my mind and heart to. I am good enough. I am pretty enough. I’m smart enough, creative enough, bold enough, thoughtful enough,  fun enough.

I refuse to see myself as not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, because the truth is that my God makes me more than any of that. I was created in his image, and he is perfect and holy. To say that I’m too tall, too this, too that is to say that the image of God is not good enough.

I’m me, and that’s how I was meant to be.