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Completely inspired and in awe of Tattoo Tuesday by Sometimes Sweet, I decided to peel some layers of my personal onion, and share more about ME.

I’ve been hiding a bit, afraid of posting my real name and real location. Maybe it’s a safety thing, maybe it’s my law enforcement employment kicking in, but I’ve decided it’s time to share a tad bit more.

I wrote an entire post about the visit with my parents, then decided it wasn’t interesting. What was interesting was having my parents survey my married life for the first time ever. They live across the country, and this was their first visit to our married lives. I think they recognized how significantly I’ve changed in the past few years, in my opinion for the better. In their opinion, I’m not sure.

When my husband and I met my parents at the baggage claim last week, we hugged and kissed and made small chat about their flight, and their layover. Once or twice my mom glanced at the tattoos (new since I’ve seen them last) on my collar-bone. Tattoos are not highly looked upon in my family or their beliefs, but she never said anything. Let’s chalk that up to them being more open-minded than I’ve given them credit for (sorry Mom and Dad!).

– – –

I’m certain as I made my dad his oatmeal the next morning he noticed the tattoos on my wrists, but he said nothing. This almost bothered me more than had they simply brought up the subject.

Finally the next day, as my mom and I decided between canary yellow and perfect peach for shirt colors for me, she asked if I was afraid to show my tattoos at work. I answered no, and a few hours later I mustered up the balls to tell her what my tattoos mean to me. Kendall Goodwin recently said on her blog The Contemplative Personal Blog of Kendall Goodwin,

“It’s not like your personality does a 180 when you get a tattoo; of all the people I know with tattoos, they have all stayed the same people they were pre-tat. The only difference is that they have some amazing artwork on their body now. If you’re so focused on thinking that nice-looking people are “ruining” their bodies with tattoos, you’ll never be able to see the beauty and meaning in what they’ve chosen to make part of their body.”

You can read the full post about tattoos here. Make time to read the comments, they are especially honest.

Back to my point. I concur with the above referenced statement. My tattoos are personal and intimate to me. They represent my relationship with God, and the beauty of his creations in my life.

So, in the event of claiming I’d open up and get a little more personal here, I’ve decided to include pictures and stats.

First tat
What: Psalm 38:15  “I will wait for you, Oh Lord, you will answer.”
Where: Below left collarbone
Significance: Sometimes I don’t get the answers right away, but they always come. Not even in the form I expected, but they always come. My God is faithful. He always answers.

Second tat
What: Flowers
Where: Surrounding previous tat
Significance: 1. To dress up and add color to the black inscription already on my shoulder. 2. To add beauty by choosing something I love, and something I’m thankful for being created.

Third tat(s)
What: Psalm 62:2, 7 “My Rock” and “My Refuge.”
Where: Inner wrists
Significance: Truly he is my rock and my refuge. I also love the rhyme in the rest of the scripture, “he is my salvation, I will never be shaken,” but that was too long for inner wrists. I wanted a brief reminded of who I belong to and who I am. I have plans to add a tattoo to my back about my salvation/never be shaken.

Fourth tat(s)
What: A vine of stars and flowers
Where: Along collar-bone, shoulder
Significance: More decoration, expression, and creations by God. I couldn’t decide between a string of lilies, or stars cascading down, so my tattoo artist designed a combination of both.

God is my rock

He is my refuge

My ink

How’s that for getting personal?