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Recently I posted about de-cluttering and cleansing a physical area (home, office, car). I hope the message soaked mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. It is always good to cleanse our lives of clutter or things that are no longer of use to us.

– Bad influences, bad friends, “fake” people, peers, co-workers. You are who you associate with.

– Old habits. Instead, each day start the morning with a positive phrase about something you want to change. Example: Today I will love others like God loves me. Undeserved, uninhibited, freely flowing. How can you have a bad day after that?

– Health problems. Pray healing over yourself, and evaluate what you can do differently. Diet and exercise are always good choices. Remember, a small start is still a good start to making changes.

– Unhealthy situations. A certain shop attracts seedy individuals. A certain playground spot attracts trouble-maker kids, a certain internet site invites sin. Stand bold in your claim to overcome these things, whether physical or mental. If you haven’t yet, read The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.

If you feel overwhelmed with making changes in your life, remember to start slow. I like to treat myself to something, and repeat to myself that “this is to reward myself for the xyz changes I’ve made.” A bright new nail polish color is a reminder of my goal. A rich cup of coffee is an emotional treat (just don’t get carried away feeding emotions rather than your body!).

What are some things you need to de-clutter, pronto? Will you have to evoke the support of your family? Is it something you can start with internally?

Positive wishes to anyone ready (or considering) making some important life changes.