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You know what this country needs? A little lot more humor! In fact, I think we are so much in need of a sigh of relief and a gut-splitting giggle, that I think we should impeach Obama, and that Saturday Night Live’s Kristen Wiig should take over. Who wants to hear any more of the Big O’s (not that kind..) statements, all ending in his voice going up like a question. You’re the president! Make statements, not questions.

Kristen Wiig for President!

A few days ago my husband and I saw “Bridesmaids,” which is hilarious. Well, actually… there were hilarious moments. Some lasted longer than others, but it was still worth my $7.50 for a matinée. Kristen Wiig makes the movie what it is, and for that reason alone, I say vote her in for President.

Wiig is best at dressing up and acting as awkward characters. The more awkward, the more fun. Here’s my plan for diplomacy: instead of speaking with other diplomats, perhaps she could dress up like them in order to distract them. They would be so distracted and so busy laughing, they would forget why they are there, and will announce, “WIIG WINS, WIIG WINS, WIIG WINS,” over and over, until it is understood that after this minor tongue twister… we win!

Click here for funny pictures of Wiig.

Perhaps the same method would be used in the presidential race. Obama would not be distracted, he would be confused. He wouldn’t understand how it leaked that he has a twin (who was also not born in Hawaii). Wiig will help our country stay on top of the Big O.

Since text-to-vote for American Idol is so popular, we can promise anyone who texts in their Presidential vote for Wiig a picture of Wiig’s bangin’ body. That should increase votes this year by, oh, about a million percent.

I think I’m onto something here…