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I love the website DailyWritingTips so much that I get their e-mails more than a few times a day. Usually I’m busy, and can’t concentrate on the subject at hand, so I put it aside to read later. This happens with, oh, just about every site I’ve ever subscribed to, resulting in a very full inbox.

This morning, however, I spent valid time on the site, reading and researching. I came across the funniest “rule,” and just had to share:

Never begin a sentence with a conjunction.
And why not? For an honorable tradition of doing just that exists. But some people persist in prohibiting this technique. Yet we defy them. Or we simply ignore them or laugh at them, neither of which they appreciate. Nor do they understand our attitude, though we try to convince them, and will continue to do so. So there.

So to all my fellow writing friends, I challenge you to “unfollow” the rules sometimes. This is a perfect example of how you can bend the rules to work to your benefit.

Happy writing!