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Waking up refreshed, I started a pot of Cafe Bustelo for the adults at home. The house was quiet like the New Years day, and I took advantage of the downtime.

The coffee scent followed me as I scurried around the house starting laundry, folding beach towels, and bathing suits. The weather outside was h-o-t HOT, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the feel of the warm laundry against my skin.

Peeling my yoga mat open, I stretched on the floor, and started my workout DVD. Breathing deeply, I tried to “lose” my mind, as in going elsewhere. It’s a things yogans do, and I’m still new at it. Instead of worrying about what’s on the agenda, or who in the family is doing what, the grocery list, or the things that need fixing, I focused on, well, nothing except my breathing, and that the only thing in the world at the moment was myself.

After sweating and trembling through only one-third of the DVD (it’s P90X, give me a break!) I decided to write a little, then clean the “studio apartment” my husband and I are living in temporarily.

It was at that moment, I realized that my little life in our little apartment is perfectly fine with me. The right job will come to me, and we will purchase a home, but until then, life is so good. I’d hate to miss the happiness of the present because I’m so focused on the future.