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The neighborhood was vibrant that evening. Laughter on the front porch; people sipping evening coffee; an electricity meter sparking on the side of a house; a cool (and very welcome) breeze swept through my hair. It was the perfect night for a run.

I got chased by two dogs. The first, a pit bull that was quite territorial. Although I was across the street, the dog apparently thought I was going to break into her home. I say “her” because she had on a pink collar. Sort of misleading to have a vicious dog wearing a pink collar.

I kept running. The second was a german shepherd mix that wanted to play with my dog more than attack me (unlike said pit bull). Around the curves of houses, driveways, gardens, I kept running. The dog eventually got picked up by its owner, the driver of an old beat up red pickup truck that looked like an emergency vehicle from far away.

A jeep flashed his brights at me and held them there until he passed. Not nice.
A toad leaped into my path, and I hopped over it, to avoid a big splatter.
A lightning bug flickered and landed on the street, surprising both my dog and me. My dog wanted to eat it, I wanted to see it. We ran on.

The perfect night for a run.