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“I will wait for you, oh Lord, you will answer.” Psalm 38:15.
The sound of clicking on the wood floors woke me up. The summer air was thick with leftover heat, and we had to sleep with the door open. My lazy, dead-to-the-world-when-she-sleeps dog had left our room in the middle of the night, for the first time ever.

I got out of bed to see if the dog was alright, and shooed her back to bed, but the suffocating heat refused to let me fall back to sleep. Instead of fretting and tossing and turning, I decided to start praying.

– – –

God has always answered my prayers through words. For example, on Sunday morning, I was listening to a few different radio stations and kept hearing the word “new.” New car, new heart, new love, Bible verses with the word “new” in them. I was clued in, and realized that God was speaking to me.

One of my old pastors taught a sermon about hearing God’s voice. When I hear or recognize words from God (such as “new”) it’s usually in my own voice that I hear it, however, there is a confidence and an indescribable feeling that confirms that it is actually from God.

It’s not always easy to know if something like that little scene is coming from God, or is just coincidental. Based on my intimate relationship with God (that takes work and upkeep, just like any relationship) I knew and felt that it was him.

– – –

I pray all the time. Out loud, in my mind, in the car, in the grocery store, and yesterday in a department store for a woman who I spoke with and told her I’d be praying for answers in her situation. Even though I pray all the time, I’m not always receptive to God’s answers because I move on to something else quickly. But that night I lay in bed praying for God to reveal himself to me, and then I decided to be quiet and wait.

An image came over my mind, and my body was filled with the sensation that I was swimming and flying at the same time, though I was firmly planted on my bed. I immediately knew that God was filling me with the sensation of his love. At that moment, I heard his voice saying “And everything was new.” This was not my voice. I was not dreaming. I was overcome by God. This was an answer to a very important subject I’d been contemplating on for a few months. My patience had paid off.

It is possible to feel and hear God in a tangible way, but it comes with faith and patience.
God will answer. Why don’t you try asking him to?

How does God speak to you? Maybe it’s through words, music, or through other people?Share your thoughts below.