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I wonder how it is that women with babies manage to blog more than me. In my defense, I have been job searching like a maniac, and have extended every ounce of energy into getting some cash flow going into my account, because we all know how good I am with the cash flow going out.

The other day I had the fabulous opportunity to go to a Mary Kay party. I loved the party, the company, and the girl time. The host goes to my church here, and is absolutely on fire for God. She is the second woman I’ve ever met who has such the relationship with God that I’ve thought, “I want to be like that.”

As the party wound down, a woman got a phone call that brought her to tears. A loved one of hers was not being very kind to her, and the hostess with the mostess started speaking the word of God to this woman for encouragement.

“Humble yourself before the Lord, and He will lift you up.” James 4:10

As she said this, she lowered her hands when she said “humble,” and raised them as she said “lift.” The image stuck with me. The verse stuck with me.

A few days later, as I prayed for direction with the job search, I grew frustrated that no one was returning calls or emails, no one was reviewing resumes until “later this week,” and no one was calling with a job offer. I was stuck on my worth, thinking that I deserve what’s great, what pays extremely high, yes, even in this economy.

James 4:10 came to mind, and I realized that I really needed to humble myself and take whatever job I could get. I wish I had this realization last week, when I turned down a job offer that paid too low, and was in the wrong location.

I know that the Lord will provide. I trust that I can completely fall into him and he will take care of me. He wants nothing but prosperity (and cash flow – spent wisely) for me.

If the perfect job is at a gas station, a grocery store, a waste plant, I will take it. The Lord provides. God is good.