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What brings you here, dearest bloggers?.

I decided to do the same thing. I always find humorous the terms typed in leading to my blog.

Top 5 most common (or odd) search terms (misspellings included) on CollectiveDisclosure:

5. Putting Jesus first:
Love that this is something people are looking up. Yes, Jesus should be first. Even before your spouse, or yourself. You can read more here.

4. pete michaggi:
Who? I had to google him myself to find out who he is. Then I clicked on my blog. Kidding. But really, who is he, and how is he linked with my blog? I think he’s another blogger and he’s stalking me.

3. Tattoos gone horribly wrong:
This leads to this or this post. In fact, these are two of my most popular blogs that pop up in searches. But I wonder why people search for “tattoos gone horribly wrong”? Do they want to see pictures of someone else’s misery and embarrassment? Word of advice: KNOW YOUR TATTOO ARTIST FIRST. Problem solved.

2. Aspen leaves / pine tress (not “trees”)
As opposed to… Why are you googling aspen leaves? They are beautiful, so I say instead of sitting inside and googling them, get out and FIND one! Probably led to this post.

1. Your (not you’re) not my real mom !!!!!!!!!!!!!
No joke. And I’m glad about that fact. I couldn’t find what post this led to, but I imagine it could be linked to my post titled “Running away from home.” Or it should be.

So here’s the question. If you read this post, how did you happen upon my site? Comment below.

God bless!