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Can't start the day without coffee ❤

Today is a beautiful Saturday. I woke up, cleaned the bedroom and organized my closet according to color. It took me roughly three minutes to organize my shirts (keep in mind, most of my clothes are still in a storage unit miles and miles from here) and then I turned to do my husband’s shirts. It took me about twenty-five seconds. Blue or black. One red, one green. Actually, I went to his folded t-shirt pile (that we agreed to keep folded, not hung) and I hung a few up, to make the closet look more balanced.

This week I’m obsessed with: TWITTER! Oh my goodness, I’m so over FB. So, throughout my stalking following cutesy bloggers and writers, I’d love to share some links.

This is one of my fave tattoo sites. I lied; I didn’t find it through Twitter, but want to share.

Love this one even more.

Cool article to personalize the war… photography in Afghanistan.

Love this blog, and this ladies’ faith! And she’s getting married. Woohoo!

I’ll be waiting for someone to buy this and send it to me.

Inspirational girly thoughts/quotations.

This makes me want to run out and buy a bunch of jars. Even though I’d probably just wind up drinking water out of them.

These ain’t yo’ average cupcakes. {OMG I just said “ain’t”. Blech!}  I heart the unique flavors.

Hover your mouse at the top of this page. Her designs are pretty fab!

Alright, happy weekend, and happy HOLIDAY! I think this is my favorite holiday.

God bless,