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Eye protection, that is. But I got you to click on this post, didn’t I?

My 4th of July was great for about two hours while I swam and visited with friends, but the mood quickly went dark when the storm rolled in. we all thought it would blow over, but it did not.

After pouting around the house for the better part of the afternoon, I declared it family bike riding time. Even the dog went! (Now she’s utterly passed out, snoring like a Grandpa.)

I loved riding by the neighborhood houses to see how people were celebrating their holiday. Families were outside playing basketball, sitting in plastic lawn chairs on the driveway, and playing card games at picnic tables. There was a peaceful hum of activity in among the neighborhood.

At one point, I tried to see if I could ride with no hands like I could when I was young. But then a bug flew in my eye, and quickly ended that. Next time I will wear my glasses, or sunglasses at least.

The mood lightened after some exericse, and we were happy to get some fresh air. Despite the weather, it was nice to get outside. It’s going to be an early night with no fireworks for me. Tomorrow is a big day!

Happy fourth of July, all.