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{Does the happily employed dance!}

I woke up today, and told my husband I was going to go get myself a job. Oh, if only it had been that easy when we first moved here. 

I had an interview today that went very well, and I was asked to start right away (Thursday). I can’t wait!

Thank the good good Lord for his faithfulness in his word. I knew that I would get a job, but allowing it to happen on God’s time was a challenge. Of course, my faith grew during this small trial. I trusted him, I listened to him, I never let up faith. I had to do my part – applying to roughly 40 jobs – but he had the end in sight from the beginning!

Also, I can see how things in my job history were woven together, things I thought would not matter long term, skills I thought would go to waste.

All glory belongs to God. He put a certain family in my life, and through them, I landed the job. I am thrilled to work for such an innovative and driven company.

Wahooo! God is so good!